Beamr HEVC Image Science AMD EPYC 7742 Product Brief

Beamr Imaging Ltd. was founded in 2009 by the 3-time technology entrepreneur Sharon Carmel who has two previous startup exits to his credit including a digital graphics and imaging technology company that rocketed to a $7 billion valuation on the London stock exchange, and a cloud synchronization company acquired by Phoenix Technologies. Beamr serves the world's top Pay TV and OTT video service providers, the result of being a top developer of content-adaptive video encoding and content-adaptive video optimization solutions that power high quality, high performance, and bitrate efficiency for managed service operators, OTT content distributors, telcos, and video streaming platforms.

Beamr solutions provide as much as a 35% network reclamation by reducing the file and stream sizes of video traffic with Beamr 4x and Beamr 5x H.264 and HEVC CABR enabled content-adaptive software encoders. Beamr provides the best video quality at the lowest bitrate for mobile operators and public networks and managed service platforms seeking to reduce video bandwidth utilization on the network backbone and last mile.

Beamr's perceptual quality measure is built on a proprietary, low complexity, highly reliable, perceptually aligned quality metric that is covered by thirty-three patents. The existence of this unique quality measure makes possible the task of controlling a video encoder to obtain an output clip with maximal compression of the video input while maintaining the input video resolution, format and visual quality. CABR does this by controlling the compression level of each frame in the video sequence in such a way more info that it is compressed to the maximum while producing a visual output that is the same as the quality that was originally specified.

Routinely, quality claims are made by vendors and service providers, yet the methodology for verifying them are rarely disclosed. At Beamr, we validated our perceptual quality using a known International standard that gives Beamr customers the confidence to accept Beamr perceptual optimization technology. If you view a video encoded using the VBR rate-control and a video encoded with the CABR rate-control side-by-side, they will be perceptually identical to the human eye under regular viewing conditions. This claim has been verified by numerous Hollywood golden eyes including those from Sony Pictures, Warner Bros., and NBCUniversal. In addition, Beamr performed a full battery of ITU BT.500 testing which proved the result of CABR to be perceptually identical to the original file or targeted quality. Check out to learn how Beamr pioneered this new category of CAE content-adaptive encoding and optimization, using CABR.

At the NAB show in April 2019, Beamr showed the results of an Intel silicon accelerated CABR solution, where for the first time, video services and 5G telco operators can use MEC to deliver the density, cost, and bitrate efficiency needed for high-volume applications like game streaming, 5G connected autonomous cars, real-time live sports streaming, AR, or any use case where high video quality at low bitrate is needed. For video app developers, silicon accelerated CABR enables new product frontiers for demanding applications like video editing and publishing on the newest generation of mobile devices, tablets, and desktop computers.

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